Maybe your social media newsfeed has been filled with smash burgers. Where in Central New York can you actually enjoy one?

What Makes Smash Burgers Better Than Regular Burgers?

As All Recipes points out, a classic burger is made with a thicker patty that's either been seasoned before shaping or just seasoned with salt and pepper. A smash burger is pretty much exactly what it sounds like:

A loosely packed ball of ground beef that's been placed on a hot pan or grill and then pressed firmly into a thin patty with a spatula or a cast iron press. The burger is usually pressed down onto the very hot cooking surface for at least 10 seconds to get a proper sear. There's not really a medium-rare in the smash burger world, but you'll know it's done when it's nice and browned (almost slightly burned) on both sides."

Even though classic burgers are also typically grilled, they're not pressed down and flattened like smash burgers.

Where Can You Find Them Locally?

Other than a chain that does exist called Smash Burger, which we don't have any in the Central New York region, where can you find these delicious treats? We turned to Yelp and found that in Utica you can find smash burgers at Rooster's located at 814 Charlotte Street. One review online says it all:

I normally don’t leave reviews unless it’s VERY good or VERY bad. This place is EXCELLENT! The burgers were flavorful and delicious. Fries were hot and crispy. Rooster sauce WAS fantastic."

Currently on Yelp, they have 4.9 stars out of 5 with over 28 reviews. Check out some of their amazing burger photos and see if going smashed is the option for you:

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Maybe your social media newsfeed has been filled with smash burgers. Where in Central New York can you actually enjoy one? Rooster's in Utica that's where! Here's a look at some of their smash burgers:

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