You've probably seen the photos and posts on Facebook on the quality of water in Ilion. It looks like residents of the village are going to get some help.

The discoloration and quality of the water in Ilion has been getting national attention over the last few months (even though many residents say it has been a problem even longer). So much so, even activist Erin Brockovich has expressed her concerns of the safety of the water. Photos of off-colored water filling bathtubs and water glasses have been posted all over the internet.

Even one resident bought a water filter that came with a water tester and tested out the water. The results she found were unbelievable - Bottled water measured 24PPM in "Total Dissolved Solids," but unfiltered water from the tap in Ilion?? This woman's water tester read 386PPM in TDS. You can read more about those results in the link below:

Well, the Mayor of Ilion Brian Lamica, met with village leaders last week to talk about the water issue and figure out what to do about the problem. According to the Times Telegram, it looks like Ilion residents are going to have cleaner water available to them next week, including bottled water to those who are "homebound." The Times Telegram says:

Two tankers of water are scheduled to be delivered by Monday afternoon and placed near the fire station...

Bottled water will be available at the municipal building for the homebound only, including the elderly and others with physical problems who have no way to get water from the tanks. They can send someone with identification to pick it up or the village will deliver it.

Residents who will be collecting water from the tanks will have to bring their own containers for the water, and bring their ID to prove they are residents of the village.




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