Papa John's Pizza could use some good publicity right now after their controversial stance on health care reform. This is a case of doing the right thing at the right time. At a Papa John's in the Helena, Montana area, a man, allegedly armed with a knife, went into the pizzeria early Tuesday morning and passed the clerk a note demanding money from the register. What the clerk did was inspiring.

According to Yahoo News;

When the clerk began taking money out of the register to give to the alleged robber, the robber began to cry. As he cried, he explained to the clerk that he needed money for his wife and children, who were hungry. The warm-hearted clerk spoke to the man and decided to make him a pizza and some chicken wings. The man waited patiently at a table while the clerk prepared the meal, and when it was done, he took the food and left.

Police say that the clerk handled the delicate and dangerous situation very well. What would you do?