Shout out to the Village of Clinton for finding a creative way to support the restaurants in their town. They've agreed to add a dining area near the village green in the parking area.

The Village of Clinton is home to several restaurants, including our favorite Nola's, and the iconic Altieri's. New restrictions in place have made it difficult for restaurants to serve customers while maintaining appropriate distancing.

According to a Facebook post from Nola's, the village has stepped up. "We are happy to report that village officials have planned to create a public outdoor dining space which should be built in the next week. You’ll be able to grab takeout from any Clinton restaurant and dine in this space on West Park Row."

Not just that, Hamilton College will be "purchasing tables, chairs and trash bins for the outdoor dining area." They hope to have 'Clinton's patio' up and ready by June 18th, in time for the Farmer's Market on Thursdays.

It would be great to see other areas stepping up to do the same for their local establishments.

Recently, Nail Creek Pub and Brewery suggested the city of Utica close a section of Varick Street to create an urban dining area, open for food trucks and restaurants. A meeting between the city and representatives from Nail Creek was scheduled, but so far, there hasn't been a determination about the feasibility of such a plan.

If you'd like to check out the current list of restaurants offering outdoor dining, you can find that HERE. As part of Phase 3, restaurants will be able to offer indoor dining at 50% capacity.


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