August 1st was National Homemade Pie Day. Beth put together my favorite, rhubarb, which she made without strawberry or anything else--tart and not too sweet--just how I like it. We asked you to name your favorite pies, and we received pie commentary all morning on our show and all day on our Lite 98.7 Facebook page.

One of the interesting ones we'd never heard of was suggested by Michele Connolly, who said her sister makes great eggnog pie, which sounds great for the holidays. But, we say: why wait?

The top three vote-getters for favorite pies were apple, which got close to 50% of the vote. Rhubarb and cherry were a distant second, tied at 15%. Pecan, pumpkin, pizza pie also were popular options.

And then there were the favorite commercial versions of homemade pie:

  • Liz Davis pointed us toward Just Pies, who set up their wares weekly at the Clinton Farmer's Market.
  • Jeannine Hoban offered a tip about the Gingerbread Bake Shop in New Hartford.
  • Utica's Pie Squared factors into the equation, just because of its name.

And of course that brings us to Utica's famous tomato pie. So many shops offer their prized tomato pie, we'll probably dedicate a future post to tomato pie alone.

What notable homemade pies or pie makers did we miss? Drop us a note or, better yet, a slice any time.


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