The unimaginable is now very real in the Clinton community. A promising young man, six months away from graduation with his entire life in front of him was killed in a car accident on March 1st. 

The Clinton community is mourning the loss of one of their own. The shocking news has people asking why and how could this happen to a wonderful young man. WKTV reports William Coleman, 17, of Clinton, was killed in a one-car accident on March 1st.

As the school brings in counselors to help deal with the unexpected tragedy, Jeff Sprague, a lifelong friend of Will, wrote a very touching open letter.

It's so sad when our children have to deal with loss at such a young age. The lives of his friends and family are forever changed. His family will try to figure out how to live with the utter grief in their heart and stomachs. His friends have lost that little bit of security they once had. Now they know everything can change in a split second. Our hearts go out to the community, friends and family of William Coleman.