A former employee at a Central New York bank is facing 33 felony charges after being accused of stealing thousands of dollars for a customer's accounts.

New York State Police accuse Anthony Walker of Liverpool of making fraudulent transactions from several accounts registered to a 72-year-old woman. The theft wasn't uncovered until the victim called police in mid-September to say she was missing more than $14,000 for her accounts at Solvay Bank.


The complaint came about a month after Walker had been fired by the bank for "various employee violations," police said. The investigation revealed 16 illegal transactions between April and June of this year, while he was still employed there, police say.

Police say he's now facing nearly three dozen criminal charges:

  • (15 counts) Forgery 2nd degree, a class “D” felony
  • (16 counts) Falsifying Business Records 1st degree, a class “E” felony
  • (1 count) Identity Theft 1st degree, a class “D” felony
  • (1 count) Grand Larceny 3rd degree, a class “D” felony
  • (1 count) Unlawful Possession of Personal ID 3rd degree, a class “A” misdemeanor

In releasing news of the arrest, police also note that the Solvay Bank security manager assisted with the investigation, and that the bank has told the victim that the bank would fully refund the missing money, police said.


[AUTHOR'S NOTE:   This post is for informational purposes only. Any charges or accusations of wrongdoing mentioned in the article are only allegations and the reader is reminded that all persons are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.]

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