Are you strong enough to pass the New York State Police physical exam? The test is pretty tough, and for the bravest of brave to attempt.

You’ve seen plenty of New York State Police Trooper cars in your day, usually out of the corner of your eye while speeding down 5S or on the thruway. While you might see them the most out on the highways trying to catch speeders or texters behind the wheel, New York State troopers do a lot more than just sit around waiting.

They’re making drug busts and keeping dangerous substances out of our community. They help bring kids home to safety in AMBER Alert situations. They step in to save lives in situations where people are thinking of taking their own lives. They’ll chase fugitives. They do this sometimes by car and other times, by foot.

As you can imagine, being an New York State Police Trooper is a physically demanding job. In order to become part of the force, you have to pass a Physical Fitness Test. The Physical Ability Test consists of three subtests. We found them online. But being a trooper is no easy work. The test is pretty tough:

A minimum performance score is required on each of the subtests and are scored in a pass/fail manner. The minimum physical fitness norms for hiring are included in a chart following the description of the subtests. The chart also includes the minimum fitness graduation norms a recruit must meet to successfully complete the Academy."

The Trooper Physical Ability Test consists of three subtests. Here's what we found online:

Are You Strong Enough to Pass the New York State Police Physical Exam?

The Trooper Physical Ability Test consists of three subtests. Here's what we found online:

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