Controversy erupted on Facebook when one CNY dog trainer encouraged pit bull owners to surrender their dogs in exchange for free training for their new pet. Now, a different trainer has responded with a generous offer of her own.

Sal Piazza, a dog trainer based in Frankfort, had offered - in a since-deleted Facebook post - that he would provide free training to the new dog of any pit bull owner who proved that they had surrendered their dog in exchange for a different breed. His post generated a swift reaction from pit bull and animal advocates, who were appalled by his offer.

Evolutionary K9 Academy, located in Richfield Springs, reacted quickly to the controversy - believing that a better solution to any behavior problem is appropriate training.

Victoria Porter, the owner of Evolutionary K9 Academy, says " mission is to educate people and balance dogs. I believe every dog deserves the chance to be trained and given an equal chance no matter the breed or history of the dog. I made this offer to help those who need it with there dogs and let people know that they do have dog trainers in their area willing to work with them and thier dog without judgment or being told to get a different dog. I love this breed some of the best smartest dogs I’ve had the pleasure to work will were bully style dogs. I’ve pulled bully dogs from death row to give them a chance, trained them and placed them in responsible homes. I believe that the dogs get a bad reputation but people need to understand this is a working breed dog that needs to be trained and given a job just like any other working breed and if I can offer some help to get people going in the right direction I feel it’s my duty as a balanced dog trainer to do so. I wasn’t put here to judge people by the choice of dog they have it’s my duty to help them become the best dog and owner they can be no matter what."

Victoria has been training dogs for years and has also been the President of the Herkimer Humane Society.

Many animal advocates were thrilled by the company's offer.


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