We know if you head a little north from the Utica area the weather can change drastically, but it's pretty crazy how fast it changes, and how much of a difference there is.

Naomi Lynn took a little weekend trip to Old Forge for the Adirondack Ice Bowl, and it's safe to say she was more than surprised at the snow differences. Sure, she knew there would be more snow up north, but there was a bigger difference than she expected. She was also surprised at how fast the snow began to pile up as soon as she left the city of Utica.

These pictures do a better job of explaining:

Snow in Old Forge Jan. 29th
Naomi Lynn/TSM
Sunny Skies in Frankfort Jan. 29th
Naomi Lynn/TSM

The first one was taken in Old Forge, just after 11am. The second picture was taken at 12:10pm on Route 5S, heading towards Ilion. It's only a difference of about 60 miles, but the changes are just unbelievable.

You don't even have to drive the full distance to see the drastic changes, either. Just traveling from downtown Utica to Barneveld and Remsen, it was like night and day. There was no snow (okay, maybe a tiny leftover pile in a parking lot, but there wasn't any snow on the grass, or on building roofs) in Utica, but as soon as you started traveling up Route 12, there was a couple of inches. Once you hit Barneveld it was closer to almost a foot of snow, and the same for Remsen.

Not only was there the difference in the amount of snow, but the difference in the current weather. In the first picture, it was still snowing... A lot. Then, less than 60 miles away, the sun is out and the skies are blue. The same thing happened on the way to Old Forge for the weekend. Sure, it wasn't sunny in Utica, but as soon as she hit the Barneveld area it was snowing pretty good. The further north she traveled the harder it was snowing. By the time she reached Forestport, it looked like a blizzard.

Can you imagine her reaction if she had to travel even further north? She probably would be speechless by the time she drove through the Tupper Lake area. Maybe next time she should take a trip to Whiteface Mountain?



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