A new policy instituted by a CNY fast food restaurant is stirring debate.

After church, a CNY woman and her friends stopped into a fast food restaurant for coffee and food. What allegedly happened next left the woman stunned: the party was asked to leave after 34 minutes, reportedly along with another table of 4 women that had remained past the 30 minute time limit.

In a Facebook post that has gone viral, the woman says, "In 60+ years I've never been thrown out of a public restaurant until yesterday. The local (restaurant) has a new policy to evict customers after 30 minutes. 3 of us having coffee and lunch following Sunday Mass were asked to leave the restaurant after 34 minutes. Another table of 4 women were also evicted. The dining room was essentially cleared. Not only was it insulting and embarrassing, it was ridiculous...I don't see myself returning."

When reached for comment, the woman (who asked that we not use her name) said "I want to stress that it was cordial, and the young lady was only doing her job. Probably a policy to fix an issue and everyone suffers."

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