If you see a sign on a Central New York highway referring to road construction, there might be more than meets the eye. New York State troopers are using some trickery to catch motor vehicle violators.

The New York State Police and the State Department of Transportation have teamed up for “Operation Hardhat.” Summer may be wrapping up, but roads are still filled with work zones, and DOT workers are out doing their jobs and risking their lives everyday. Work zone intrusions across New York State are on the rise, and there have been numerous intrusions or dangerous encounters between motorists and construction workers. One in Tioga County was fatal.

That’s where “Operation Hardhat" comes in, looking to crack down on work zone violations.

State Trooper patrols have been added to active construction zones, and some police force members are even dressing up in disguise as DOT workers.

The crackdown has been successful for cellphone violations, failure to move over, changing lanes unsafely, and seat belt violations.

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