New York State is ponying up millions of dollars to repair Central New York roadways. Is your road on the list?

Is it just us, or does this seem like a particularly bad year for potholes? Roads that are usually safe to drive on most winters have become a slalom course, where you try to keep your car and teeth intact by swerving around holes big enough to serve a salad in.

New York State and the PAVE NY program have committed $128 million to repair state roads that are in really rough shape. Is your on the list?

Here are the roads being repaired in Central New York:

Approximately $7.3 million in projects to renew 65 lane miles of the following roads in Oneida, Herkimer, Fulton, Montgomery, Schoharie and Otsego counties:

  • $1.7 million to resurface Route 10 from the Fulton County line to Route 29 in Fulton County.
  • $1.1 million to resurface Route 167 from the Otsego County line to Mumford Road in Herkimer County.
  • $800,000 to resurface Route 5S from the Canajoharie East Village Line to the MOSA transfer station in Montgomery County.
  • $910,000 to resurface Interstate 790 from Route 5A to River Road in Oneida County.
  • $1.7 million to resurface Route 23 from the Village of Morris to the Hamlet of West Oneonta in Otsego County.
  • $1.1 million to resurface Route 443 from Route 30 in the Town of Schoharie to the Albany County line in Schoharie County.

In Madison County in Central New York:

  • $970,000 to resurface Route 13 from Ferndell Road to Falls Road, Towns of Cazenovia and Fenner in Madison County.

You can check out the whole list of roads on the Governor's website, HERE.

Have a big pothole on your road in Utica? Here's where you can report them.

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