road construction

Oneida Street Reopens
After a flurry of construction activity on Saturday (7/15/17), Oneida Street has temporarily reopened in the Town of New Hartford.
Trudy's On The Road [VIDEO]
Now that spring is here and summer is just around the corner, it's almost impossible to avoid road construction. Like me, I'm sure you've seen construction dump trucks bearing signs on the back which read "Construction Vehicle. Do Not Follow." But why can't you follow them? What happens if you do?
Local Sign Goof
If you've driven around Central New York over the last few weeks, you've no doubt noticed a major signing project underway on area roadways. New, larger route signs are being posted and large gantries are now in place in locations like the Route 69/5A junction in Yorkville. But one sign might have slipped engineers' notice.
Clueless Near Road Construction?
While driving around Central New York, it doesn't take long to encounter road construction.  Some days it seems like it's happening on every road I take.  Have you noticed drivers acting totally clueless when they're near road construction?