It's had to believe, but 'Big' was first released 30 years ago, and now you can relieve the magic of the Tom Hanks movie at one Central New York theater.

'Big' is about a 13-year-old boy, who is magically transformed into a man in his thirties by a carnival wishing machine, and then becomes a successful executive by turning his juvenile intellect to toy design. If you've never seen the iconic FAO Schwartz keyboard dancing scene, you haven't truly lived. The film was released in 1988.

Turner Movie Classics is bringing the film back to theaters in a very limited release, for just two days, giving today's audiences the chance to fall in love with Tom Hanks all over again.

If you want to catch the movie on the big screen, you can get tickets to see the movie at Syracuse's Destiny USA Regal IMAX Cinemas by visiting the theatre or going to There are 4 showings, 2 each on July 15 and July 18. 

Did you see 'Big' when it first came out? What was your favorite part?



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