Want to visit one of the best small towns in America? Luckily, you don't have to leave New York to visit this town... Actually, you don't even have to leave Central New York.

It's pretty high honors if you think about it, a town right in our area being named as one of the best small (to medium) towns in the United States. Out of the thousands upon thousands of small towns, this area stuck out SO much to be one of the best places. And it's Central New York, so we're talking about a town that beat out beach paradises and places with warmer climates.

Alright, enough teasing. You want to know what place we're talking about... Well, according to an article from the travel company Expedia, Cooperstown, New York was named American's second favorite small(er) town destination. According to Expedia,

...we polled 1,000 Americans to determine their favorite medium and small towns to visit in the U.S. We reviewed all the nominations and pinpointed the most frequently mentioned cities, towns, and villages to provide you with America’s favorite places to visit.

That means a LOT of people have been talking about Cooperstown. And it's no real surprise, I mean Cooperstown has it all, from the Baseball Hall of Fame, to Brewery Ommegang, distilleries, tons of restaurants and shops, and beautiful scenery in and around the city. What more could you ask for in a town?! And on top of that, it's just a short drive from the Utica/Rome area. We can take advantage of all that Cooperstown has to offer, whenever we want!

Speaking of whenever we want, I just headed to Cooperstown this past weekend. It was the first sign of spring we've had, the sun was shining, it was warm... It was a great opportunity to go to the town and just get out, and walk around. Apparently, I wasn't the only one with this idea, there were lots of people out in Cooperstown over the last few days.

Just to put it in perspective of how great people say Cooperstown is, according to Expedia.com, Cooperstown beat out places like Lake Tahoe in California, Colorado's Aspen, St. Augustine in Florida, even Key West in the Florida Keys. The only small town to beat us was Cape Cod, Massachusetts, which (obviously) took the number one spot.

So the next time you have a weekend off, or are looking for something to do, you might as well head to the second-best small town in the United States - Cooperstown, New York.




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