A unique atmosphere, elegant dining and tempting menu choices are what you get when you are willing to pay top dollar for a meal.  Two of the most expensive restaurants here in Central New York are virtually in the same location.  Both can be found at Turning Resort Casino in Verona.

TS Steakhouse and Wildflowers are the two restaurants closest to the Utica/Rome area that made the newyorkupstate.com "most expensive" list for all of upstate New York.  Although they are both at Turning Stone, they do not share similar atmospheres or menus.

According to their current online menu, a New York Strip will run you $63 at TS Steakhouse.  Sides are priced at an additional 9 dollars.   This restaurant is open for dinner only.

Wildflowers is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Their signature breakfast is priced at $14.  Add a bloody mary for $12.  At dinner, an order of Nantucket Lighthouse Scallops is listed at $37.

Both restaurants most likely offer an incredible dining experience.  Something to keep in mind for that next special occasion in your life.


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