Toothpaste. We use it daily, and now researchers are saying an active ingredient in it can be linked to colon cancer.

According to researchers at the University on Massachusetts Amherst, the chemical called triclosan caused "gut inflammation" and cancer in mice when used in small doses and the condition of the mice worsened.

“The chemical also accelerated the development of colitis—inflammation that leads to rectal bleeding, diarrhea, abdominal pain, abdominal spasms in humans—and the growth of tumors,” researcher Haixia Yang wrote in a public article. “In one group of mice, it reduced lifespan.”

Here's why I have a problem with this. In case you don't know, triclosan is literally in a bunch of different things. Toothpaste. Detergent. Mouth wash. Toys. And SO MUCH MORE.

The researchers who conducted the study say there must soon be an urgent attempt to see if humans have the same reaction.

This scares me a little bit so I think I'm gonna stick to all natural, do-it-yourself recipes for some of these things in the mean time.


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