While browsing Reddit, we stumbled on this question- Am I crazy for a 2 hour commute two times a week? Rome to Rochester New York?

A User on Reddit on the Upstate New York board named u/not_a_motivator posted about having a new job in Rochester which is mostly Hybrid. This position does require two days in the office. Here's what they wrote:

New job in Rochester, around 90k a year, it’s a hybrid position that only requires two days in office, currently we (wife and 2 kids) live just outside of Rome. My extended family is in the Lake George area and I like being about 2.5 hours away."

The user goes on to say that the way they see it, it's only at 2 hrs twice a week which would be the same as 35-40 mins daily of a commute.

Does a move make sense for a shorter commute when it’s only 2 days?

Here's what some on Reddit answered with:

1) User Banshee251-  "It’s doable. If I were you I would make sure you keep the appropriate gear in your car during the winter months to keep you warm and fed for a few days if worst case scenario stuff happens."

2) User two_fathoms- "Can you pick the 2 days in the week and put them next to one another and stay in a hotel one night?"

3) User forjustonemoment- "I'd think about my hourly wage and how I value my free time. Subtracting gas/tolls and your current commuting time, and comparing the salaries, how much are you being paid/paying to drive per hour a week? What about in benefits/non-monetary gain (networking)? For example if I were to get a raise to 90k and drive 4 hrs twice a week, after taxes and gas, it would be paying me about $75 an hour to drive, which feels like a good enough rate"

What Advice Do You Have For The Poster?

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