You heard it here first: About 70 miles from Utica, scientists at Cornell University believe aliens could be watching us. Right now.

According to an article in, research shows proof that over 1,000 solar systems may enjoy a perfect vantage point to view our planet. Study co-author Lisa Kaltenegger says "these solar systems may contains exoplanets, Earth-like worlds sitting in the habitable zone for life. All of the prospective systems are within 300 million light-years of Earth, close enough to see our world’s chemical traces."

“If observers were out there searching," she continues, "they would be able to see signs of a biosphere in the atmosphere of our Pale Blue Dot… and we can even see some of the brightest of these stars in our night sky without binoculars or telescopes.”

This list of 1,000+ star systems all sit in Earth’s ecliptic, so exoplanets traveling along this same path would have a beautiful view of our planet.

To exoplanets, Earth would be appear to be what's called a "transiting" planet. This means one that passes in front of its sun as the observer looks at distant stars. These exoplanets would be able to see Earth crossing the Sun and it would also illuminate our world’s vibrant biosphere.

“If we’re looking for intelligent life in the universe, that could find us and might want to get in touch,” Kaltenegger adds. “We’ve just created the star map of where we should look first.”

The study was first published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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