Could residents across New York State survive an alien invasion? And, breaking that question down more- Could Upstate survive one vs downstate?

This incredible research comes from and a project called "The US States Most Likely To Survive An Alien Invasion." The NY Post explains that the casino website examined/researched a series of factors:

Population density, number of UFO sightings, landscape (caves, forest, bodies of water) and defense (per capita military or law enforcement) — to come up with a survivability score for every state.


Where Does New York State Rank?

According to this new research, New York will be able to hold our own and get ride of the aliens. This is due to the high number of cops per capita across the state. We came in at number 4, so not too bad overall. Also, New York could continue to feed residents during the attacks:

And the Empire State’s 2,600 food and beverage manufacturers will help keep New Yorkers alive as they hunker down during any extended siege by little green men, the study suggests."


Where Would You Likely Not Survive?

The NY Post explains that if you want the worse odds of surviving, head to Vegas. Nevada had the lowest survivability score with a 4.53 out of 10. The logic- Nevada has a high volume of UFO sightings, lack of caves and forests to hide in, and a low number of food and beverage manufacturing companies. Arizona was the second worst state followed by Wyoming, Idaho, Nebraska, Oregon, Montana, New Mexico, Maine, and Utah.

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Want the best odds of seeing a ghost or UFO? Visit one of these cities in the state of New York:

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