A measles outbreak in one portion of New York State has become so problematic, one county has placed a ban on unvaccinated minors appearing in public places.

The move was made just north of New York City in Rockland County as a response to fight a measles outbreak that has infected more than 150 people since October. Downstate officials are dealing with a state of emergency. And the concerns there have us wondering if the same thing could happen in Central New York.

Rockland County finds itself in the middle of New York State’s longest measles outbreak since the disease was officially eliminated from the U.S. in 2000. Health officials are calling for a high vaccination rate in the community as the best measure to prevent the spread of the illness.

Earlier in March, a federal judge denied a plea by parents to let 44 unvaccinated children return to the Waldorf School in Rockland County.

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