One truck driver gonna be down in the dumps.

There's a notorious bridge in Glenville. Notoriously short, that is. This bridge is exactly 10 feet and 11 inches from the ground. It just so happens that some trucks are taller than 10-foot, 11-inches. And that's exactly what happened Monday night with this truck that was carrying some... delicate cargo.

This truck struck the bridge and lost its cargo which just so happened to be toilet paper. Accidents are scary. It must've scared the crap out of the driver. And that is nothing to mention the cost of repairing the truck. It's safe to say they are gonna be in some deep doo-doo with their boss. Honestly just a crappy situation all the way around. Hopefully, they'll be able to wipe their slate clean.

And people wonder why there's a toilet paper shortage. If I had been driving by, I would've scooped up as much of that as I could. With some places still having a shortage, that stuff is worth its weight in gold.

This brings up a larger problem though. One too big to just flush away. this keeps happening. Over forty trucks have hit that specific bridge in the past three years alone. Some as few as two days apart. Recently a designated turnaround spot has been added to that trucks can avoid hitting the bridge. But unfortunately, that hasn't stopped the accidents as people keep trying to clear it when they can't. God forbid a forestry truck hits it and drops a log right on the road. People need to get their crap together and start following the signs.

Hope you're stocked up for the Holiday Season.

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