Lose weight, spend more time with the family, read more... There's a lot of things we may want to change about ourselves, and that's when all the New Year's Resolutions come out. The problem though, is trying to stick to them. Instead of making resolutions this year, we have another idea.

Don't wait until the last minute to do this... Start thinking about it now. Write down everything you didn't do this year that you wish you would have. It could be as simple as you wanted to lose 10 pounds, but you didn't (or maybe you did, but you didn't keep it off). Maybe you really wanted to take a vacation to Florida, but never got around to it. Write down all those things - This is your "Regret List."

Then on January 1st, hang up your "Regret List" someplace where you'll see it every day. You may think that seeing something negative every day may bring you down, but use that emotion to your advantage. It's easy to make resolutions and not think anything of it when you don't accomplish those goals - Hey, that happens to a lot of people. But using a "Regret List" will leave a more powerful impression on you everyday, and make it easier to want to change the things you didn't do.

Give it a try - It could be just what you need to accomplish those goals you've always wanted to. And if it doesn't work for you? Well, you can always go back to making resolutions the next year.



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