It's just past Halloween, but there's a creepy item for sale that just might be for you. It's a solid metal cryptorium or casket known as "The Vault" and it's up for grabs on Craiglist, and available for pickup or delivery. It's located in the Alpine Junction area of Central New York, between Ithaca and Watkins Glen in the Southern Tier.

According to the ad, this "collectible" and "piece of history" is listed under sub-categories like oddities, funeral, macabre, and Halloween. The seller is seeking $1,000 in cash and is firm on the price. The item came from the estate sale of a man whose father was in the mortuary business. Certainly, there are some questions about this item, some of which are answered in the ad.

First of all, this thing is extremely heavy and nearly impenetrable. That's because it was designed to thwart grave robbers from stealing any jewels or valuables that might have been interred with the deceased.

There are a number of photos of the exterior, but none of the interior and no mention of the interior's condition. So, our big question: Is it previously used?

The cryptorium measures just five feet in length. And the ad comes with a note:

Due to unusually high amounts of junk mail, please put the word "MONKEY" in the --> SUBJECT <-- line of your email. If you do not, it will immediately be deleted as SPAM. If it looks suspicious or non-specific ("is IT still available?" "Do you still have this ITEM?"), it will immediately be deleted as junk mail.

Here's the link to the Craigslist page. Anyone interested?


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