Residents of Rome are preparing for the newest restaurant to open for business, and now have a more concreate time frame for when they can expect to stop in. Crust Kitchen and Bar, located at 86 Hangar Road West, Building B Suite 10 in Rome, is getting closer and closer to opening their doors.

According to the Rome Sentinel, Chris Destito, part of the fourth generation of the Destito family running The Savoy restaurant on East Dominick Street, has teamed up with friend Frank Belmont in a new business venture with the eatery. Belmont returned to Rome after spending about five years in Syracuse, and has a total 22 years of experience as a manager/general manager in the restaurant business.

Crust Kitchen and Bar, their newest venture, will have soups, sandwiches and salads on their menu, along with a full bourbon bar for drinks - something that no other spot in the Mohawk Valley offers.

Our goal is simple, bring customers kick-ass sandwiches, soups, salads & more in a laid-back atmosphere, at a reasonable price. Utilizing fresh, quality ingredients and making as much from scratch as we possibly can.

Pictures were posted on their social media to give an update about the progress made during construction. They also announced when they anticipate to open: mid-July 2021.

Looking for a job? Crust Kitchen and Bar is hiring!

According to their website, Crust Kitchen and Bar is looking to add Bartenders, Cashiers and Sandwich Makers to their team. If this is an opportunity you're interested in, you can fill out an application at Don't forget to include your resume and your cover letter.

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