Syracuse is home to so many amazing restaurants that we don't have the luxury of having here in the Mohawk Valley. For years, there's been several different spots we've wanted to add to our list of food options. Finally, our prayers have been answered - and a Syracuse business is likely expanding right here to Utica. It will be the restaurants fourth location.

Sources say that Brooklyn Pickle will be opening a location at the corner of State and Columbia Street in the old Utica Steam Cotton Building. We have reached out to the owner of the Syracuse based restaurant and are awaiting confirmation of this really exciting news.

Not Familiar With Brooklyn Pickle?

It's a New York City-style deli experience with authentic, GIANT deli sandwiches. Huge subs. Homemade soups, and of course, their signature pickles.

With just over $2,000 in his pocket, founder Ken Sniper opened his first deli in 1975, occupying just a quarter of the original building on Burnet Avenue (then owned by the Nicotra family). Tina Nicotra’s beauty salon filled out the lion’s share of the property, while the sandwich shop operated in a 13-foot-wide storefront that was maybe 25 feet deep. The tight quarters didn’t cramp our style though, and within two years a second Brooklyn Pickle opened on the West Side. That shop also started small — in the Byrne Dairy Building — eventually moving to its present location, kitty-corner across West Genesee Street, in 1984.

Brooklyn Pickle currently has three locations in the Syracuse area:

  • 2222 Burnet Ave in Syracuse
  • 1600 West Genesee St in Syracuse
  • 7175 Buckley Rd in Liverpool

TAKE A LOOK: Brooklyn Pickle Opening in Utica

Allegedly, Brooklyn Pickle is coming to Utica at the corner of State and Columbia Street in the old Utica Steam Cotton Building. If that news is in fact true, here's just a few of the things we'll be able to look forward to.

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