Governor Cuomo says gyms will remain closed indefinitely in New York, after Cuomo called them a "dangerous activity."

Gyms, movie theaters, and bowling alleys have remained closed, even as other Phase 4 businesses have opened. In his press conference yesterday, Governor Cuomo's budget director, Robert Mujica Jr. said the state is actively looking at reopening plans from gyms across the state.

The gym I attend in New Hartford has been open for weeks, taking several precautions to accommodate members - including limiting gym-goers to a 6' pod, taking temperatures on the way in, cleaning equipment between classes, and limiting attendance to less that 12-15 per class. Masks are optional during class - and the large overhead doors are left open. I see similar precautions at a gym near our radio station.

How can we be contemplating opening schools, while keeping gyms closed? I'm not sure what the right answer is, but the logic of opening one and not the other seems incompatible. How about bars? Restaurants?

Planet Fitness recently announced they would require members to wear masks when working out - regardless of distancing. Could that work? Although, in my experience, members didn't manage to wipe down equipment before the pandemic - are they suddenly going to manage now? And mask compliance in places like grocery stores has been iffy at best.

How do you strike a balance between supporting business and public safety? Do you think it's time to open gyms, or at least allow them to submit plans to reopen for review - with spot checks, much like bars are subject to? Let us know, using the station app, or email


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