UPDATE:: Apparently, it happened again - this time a different customer. 


If you find yourself screaming at two teenaged girls at an ice cream stand because they asked you to wear a mask, you're a jerk - let's just get that out of the way. This actually happened not very far from Utica.

It's hard to believe, but a female customer actually screamed at and spit on the two teenaged girls who were working behind the counter at The North Pole ice cream shop in Chittenango.

CNYCentral reports "Tori Broniszewski, 18, and Morgan Baldwin, 16, were working at the ice cream shop when a couple approached the window without masks. Broniszewski said she politely asked the couple if they had masks, and in response, the woman started verbally harassing the two employees."

The ice cream shop described the situation this way: "Tonight my young girls (were) severely screamed at...by a customer not wearing a mask. Whose spit was flying everywhere!! Upon trying to shut window the customer then lunged and pulled the window open to continue their rant on being served without a mask. My girls were scared....which should NEVER happen!!"

According to the ice cream shop, the incident occurred around 7:30pm on Tuesday night, and they're hoping someone knows who the woman is. They're hoping they can find out who the woman is.

The ice cream shop owner, Alexandra Ciotti says, "If you do not want to wear a mask please just go somewhere else. That is your right...to keep driving past us but what is not YOUR RIGHT is too bully my employees EVER!!"

Ciotti has contacted the Chittenango Police Department in the hopes they can locate the woman.


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