Delilah mentioned earlier this week  that she doesn't let her kids have access to a traditional TV in their home.   They're also not allowed unsupervised access to the computer at home either.  She touched a nerve with listeners and now Delilah is defending her parenting choices regarding TV and the computer.Nite Lite hostess Delilah took to her Facebook page to respond to critics of her parenting choices.  Here's a snippet of what Delilah said:

Boy, did I open up a can of worms yesterday when I mentioned that I don't let my kids have unsupervised access to the computer and we don't have traditional tv in our house...!! It was as if i said i lock my kids in a cave in the dark!! One response suggested my children were being "abused" because they won't know what the "real" world is since they can't watch the news...another said that they won't be prepared for life in a world where everything is digital and electronic...more than one person called me a hypocrite since radio can also be trash talk, and because I'm on insulted my faith and asked if a "pastor" had told me what I could and could not do...I was asked how do I possibly relate to people on the radio since I don't participate in "pop culture"? But MOST comments were extremely supportive and a lot were from other parents who don't have regular tv in their homes either!

Some of her listeners had a few interesting insights on this:

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