Does your house look like it could be featured in a magazine?  Or is it more like Delilah's, with lots of stuff that doesn't match and definitely not picture perfect?  The things Delilah cares about the most aren't things at all.Nite Lite hostess Delilah enjoys collecting funky thrift stuff for her house and will be the first to admit she's not trying to impress anyone with her house.  Stuff is just stuff.  People are what really matters.  More from Delilah:

I have a house chock full of weird, funky stuff. One of my hobbies is collecting thrift store treasures to fill my home and garden and none of it really goes together. It’s true, I’ll never be one of those women you’ll see featured in a fancy home magazine because my home wouldn’t fit the bill. Aside from that, I’ve got a whole lot of kids, dogs and cats running in and out of my house on a daily basis and it will never be in perfect order. It will never look ‘put together’ like other homes you see on Pinterest or in Better Homes & Gardens.

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