Speaking before you think.  Words can be powerful and if you find yourself too often speaking before thinking and later regretting your words, Delilah has some advice.

Delilah says she's working on thinking before speaking so she doesn't end up regretting what she said.  This is some of her advice on using your words carefully:

Use your words to build people up, build confidence in people. Use your words to heal someone’s heart. Use your words to show love and encouragement. Instead of criticism, give constructive feedback. Sometimes it’s just how you present the information to someone that makes all the difference.

How will you use that powerful tool between your teeth? Next time you find yourself rushed to anger, take a breath and choose your words wisely. I have a hard time with this, and I often speak before I think, but it’s something I’m working on all the time. Hopefully you’ll join me in this effort. Just a thought.

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