Let's Slip N' Slide back to the good old days of our youth. It's summer time, you don't have a pool. What do you have? Your parents bought you a huge Yellow Tarp to put all over the back yard to run and jump on. Don't worry though its covered in water! Today's Dangerous Toy From Our Childhood is on Slip N' Slide.


The Slip 'n Slide was manufactured by Wham-O back in 1961. What a Slip N' Slide consisted of was a long sheet of thin plastic, flanked lengthwise on one side by a heat-sealed tubular fold. The tube could be attached to any ordinary garden hose. Water runs through the tube and sprays out onto the sliding surface. The Slip 'n Slide then would become very slippery, enabling users to jump onto the plastic and slide the length of the sheet.

Both the manufacturer and the Consumer Product Safety Commission recommend that only children used the "toy" due to the risk of back and neck injuries when teenagers and adults used it. Injuries occured because people heavier or taller than children could stop suddenly when diving onto the toy. That's right, diving onto solid ground can cause injuries. Between 1973 and 1991, seven adults and one teenager reported injuries suffered while using Slip 'N Slides including neck injuries, bone fractures, quadriplegia, and paraplegia. Only Seven? I beg to differ!

People would run and jump on the ground, onto a tarp. Who thought this was a good idea? What happened if you had rocks, or glass underneath? You'd slide right down them and get cut. I remember we had one at my Grandmas house and I remember sliding into the fence. I suffered a few scratches and got back up and went sliding again!

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