Have you heard of Superman Ice Cream? It's something that's hard to find in the area, but shouldn't be. Neither should anything else on this list...

Every region of the United States (and even every state if you want to get technical), has their own unique products, foods, and things that can only be found in that area. Just look at Central New York with its chicken riggies, half moon cookies, greens, and turkey joints (yes, we named a bunch of food, but hey we've got great food here). Well, we have a few other things that can only (mainly) be found in other places around the country, but we would love to see them (or it) in Central New York.

Superman Ice Cream

It's a Michigan treat (although it has spread to Wisconsin, Ohio, and a few other places in the Midwest) that combines three flavors of ice cream, but good luck trying to agree on what three flavors they really are. One third is yellow, which is believed to be lemon (although some say it tastes like banana), one third is red, which everyone argues whether it's cherry, strawberry, raspberry, or some other type of 'red' fruit, and one third is blue which most can actually agree is Blue Moon. Wait... What flavor is "blue moon?" It's best described as the "taste of blue." ...You'll just have to try it for yourself.

BONUS: Mackinaw Island Fudge is another amazing ice cream flavor found in the Michigan area. Mackinaw Island is known for their fudge, so what better way to enjoy it than with ice cream?!

Slip N Fly

This ridiculously amazing and insanely crazy slip n' slide can be found in Ohio, but it would be pretty cool to "copy" their idea and build our own, somewhere in Central New York. What's so great about this slip n' slide? Well, if you're a thrill-seeker you'll love it, because it's huge! Oh and at the end of it, there's a giant ramp to launch you up in the air. And we're not talking about two or even ten feet in the air, we mean you go flying. It's something you have to see for yourself, check out the video:


Alright, so we probably don't need another grocery store chain that has a little bit of everything, but what's wrong with more options? Meijer stores can be found in Michigan, Illinois, Kentucky, and a few other places (especially in the Midwest). The stores are like a small Walmart, but with less... Well, you won't see any "People of Meijer" videos on YouTube. There's just something 'homely' about these grocery chains and it would be nice to see one in Central New York. And again, just more options for getting all those things you need around the house... We don't have a lot of choices.

White Barbecue Sauce

This condiment for barbecue is very popular in Alabama, Mississippi, and in other areas of the South. They say if you try this sauce on chicken off the grill or a piece of steak, you'll never go back to original barbecue sauce. It's white because it has a mayonnaise (or miracle whip) base. Mustard, vinegar, and horseradish is usually added to give it a little more of a bite. Luckily for this one we don't need it to "come to Central New York" because you can make your own, but it would be an interesting food trend to see start picking up in the area.

Noodles & Company

This eatery can be found all over the country, but unfortunately there is only one location in New York (and it's on Long Island). Although this restaurant can be found pretty much everywhere (except here), it's kind of a big deal in Colorado. That's probably because that's where the first one opened its doors. Noodles & Company is a restaurant that serves both American and International noodle dishes (go figure), pastas and those kinds of foods. Not that we need more places to eat in Central New York, but who doesn't enjoy noodles?!





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