Local Utica film director, Alex Moore, starts Sundance project DANTE . The film will be shot in Utica, the Adirondacks and thousand islands area.Based off the epic poem, Dante’s Inferno (Part one of the Divine Comedy), written by Dante Alighier, this Action/Drama tells the tale of Dante fighting his way hell, purgatory and paradise to save the love of his life Beatrice. He learns the true meaning sin and forgiveness and the answer to one of oldest questions: what happens when we die?

I knew that it was a story that I had never seen an adaptation of that fit the vision I had reading the poem. It's a story I grew up on, and its themes and concepts have inspired my career as an artist in powerful ways. It's a story that I think has probably inspired a great many artists over the centuries. It's an almost impossible uphill climb to adapt a story like that, [a story] that means so much to so many people, but we like a good challenge –Alex Moore

The ‘No Name Film Production Company’ and ‘SCWC Entertainment’ are setting out to create the most ambiguous independent movie in the North East.

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[Contributed By Katie Morrisey]