"Jupiter Ascending" -the space-epic movie starring Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum, made its first public appearance during the Sundance Film Festival as a secret screening. The majority of the audience wasn't too pleased with the film, however.

Photo By: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment

The Sundance Film Festival isn't usually the spot where blockbuster (or supposedly blockbuster) videos make their debut, but Warner Bros. decided to do just that with a secret screening of "Jupiter Ascending."

The movie was not appreciated at Sundance, though. Some seats in the theater were empty, and on top of that, some movie-goers actually left in the middle of the screening. According to Yahoo Movies reports via Variety,

Neville Kiser, a screenwriter, thought the movie was hurt by the fact that it was debuting at a venue for highbrow films. “I actually liked it,” Kiser said. “But the Sundance context is weird. There were so many people in the audience scoffing and sneering. They are forgetting they are watching a movie targeted primarily to teenage boys. I’m sure those 15-year-old boys, and hopefully girls, will like it.”

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"Jupiter Ascending" is about Jupiter Jones (Kunis) who isn't doing the best, and spending her life cleaning up after other people. Caine Wise (Tatum) is an intergalactic soldier, that informs Jones she's destined for better things, and is there to help her.

The movie was first set to be released in the summer, but had been delayed. It's now set to open February 6.