I'm a huge Yankees fan. I was really excited to head down to the Bronx over the weekend and watch The Bronx Bombers Play. Here's my pictures

We try to go to at least one game per year, I'd love to go to two this year. We start the Journey off by driving out to Albany and meeting up with my oldest sister Heather and her boy friend Jason. From there we drive down to the city and get to the stadium.

At the stadium it isn't a baseball game with out the nachos. We usually split the food, and the costs, but the nachos are the best. This time was my first time at Monument park in the stadium, where they have all sorts of plaques for former Yankee players.

I was really happy this year to watch Nick Swisher play. I think he has the title of my new favorite Yankee. He seems like a nice guy, and a class act. Some other big moments of the game I got to see were Derek Jeter's two hits that will get him closer to 3,000 hits. No other Yankee player has ever had 3,000 hits.

On the way home we usually stop at Sonic in Kingston. Last night I got to try that new onion burger and it was amazing! We also order more than enough to bring home. I still have a hot dog in my fridge at home waiting for me!

Do you ever have a family trip you do like this every year?