Sometimes we need to recognize the veterans who set the standards and live in the history text books of male hotness, like David Beckham here. These men are so hott (almost too hott) that most of the time we simply skip past them, thinking they can’t shine any brighter. But when Beckham got up in front of the camera and laid down these intensely saucy H&M ad photos, we all stopped with our jaws dropped.

All you male models and Facebook guys who pose shirtless in front of the mirror, pay attention. This is how you pull off the half-naked look.

These shots from the Swedish brand remind us all of the reason we fell in love with Beckham. The perfect hair, edgy tats and, oh yah, his toned torso. Yeah, they’re pretty amazing, but it’s hard to tell if these are the best shots he’s ever taken. Take a look back at his previous shirtless ad campaigns and decide for yourself.