Three bored Delaware daycare workers found a really inadvisable way to spice up their jobs: they started their own toddler fight club in which they made their charges do battle with each other, and then captured the whole thing on tape.

Police have video from the incident, which occurred in March of this year, and have since charged a trio of workers from the aptly-named Hands of Our Future Daycare in Dover with a variety of crimes including endangering the welfare of a child.

The women — Tiana Harris, 19; Lisa Parker, 47; and Estefania Myers, 21 — are allegedly seen on the video encouraging a group of three-year-olds to fight, pushing them back into the fray when they tried to escape, and telling the kids, “No pinching, only punching.”

Dover Police Capt. Tim Stump said the children “were just wailing on each other … I mean punching, slapping, pinching, throwing each other into tables.”

Hands of Our Future Daycare has since had its license revoked, and police met with parents earlier this week to answer questions and help them find new facilities for their kids.

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