Get ready to change your clocks, Daylight Saving Time is ending.

We've got good news and bad news. The good news, you're going to gain an hour. The bad news, sunset is going to start happening before 5pm. Daylight Saving Time ends at 2am on Sunday, November 3rd - that's when you 'fall back.'

As a result, the sunrise will happen earlier - around 6:30am - so you'll see a little light, depending on when you get up in the morning. The bad news (and frankly this feels worse) the sun will set before 5pm, getting earlier as the winter progresses.

In fact, this early sunset is one of several arguments in favor of making Daylight Saving Time permanent - in other words, no more changing the clocks.

Daylight saving time in the US started as an energy conservation trick during World War I and became a national standard in the 1960s. The idea was that if sunset were later during the summer, less electricity would be used to light homes.

Right now, most of Arizona and all of Hawaii just keep their clocks where they are. California is thinking about it.

Experts have mapped out what would happen if the entire United States just kept their clocks in Daylight Saving Time, and it's not so bad: sunrise would be a bit earlier, but sunset would always occur after 5pm - giving people more time to get out and be active once they get out of work, according to Vox. That's a positive.


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