You gain it in the fall and lose it in the spring, Daylight Saving Time is an evil concept to many in Central New York and it's something we experience every year. It's a likely possibility that we won't have to deal with it again, however.

A group of bipartisan senators are reintroducing a bill that would make Daylight Saving Time (DST) permanent nationwide. In the United States, most states observe DST -- which starts on the second Sunday in March at 2 a.m. and ends on the first Sunday in November at 2 a.m. -- for eight months out of the year, and four months of standard time.

The bill that's being introduced was already passed in Florida in 2018, but in order for it to go into effect, it has to be passed at a national level. Fifteen other states which voted to make daylight saving time permanent in 2018, and Washington, which did the same in 2019, have passed similar legislation.

The Sunshine Protection Act, proposed by Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, calls for not "falling back" in November and instead enjoying DST year-round. It would not change the country's current time zones or the number of hours of sunlight. He also expressed that making daylight savings time permanent helps in other aspects of life as well, including seasonal depression, and reduces the number of car accidents.

Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts agreed with Rubio in highlighting the benefits of extending DST.

"Studies have found year-round Daylight Saving Time would improve public health, public safety, and mental health, especially important during this cold and dark COVID winter," Markey said in a statement, adding that he is "proud to sponsor the Sunshine Protection Act to add an extra hour of sunshine for the full 365 days a year."

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