There are a lot of people who love to try different craft beers and that is great, but what if you want something else? A little extra in the glass so to speak?

Did you know that the term "Raise Your Spirits" comes from raising a glass in a toast? Ok, I don't know if that's true, but you can tell all your friends that and they will think you are genius (but you are!).

Over the last 15 years, the craft spirits industry has exploded all throughout the State of New York, Dutchess County and the Hudson Valley is at the heart of it.

Here are 10 that are located in Dutchess County, Tuthilltown is in Ulster County, that's why its not on this list, but it is close enough to make a visit:

  1. Shady Knoll Distillery, Millbrook, their website mentions an Apple Brandy made with apples grown on their farm and a rye whiskey that they make.
  2. Dennings Point Distillery, aka 'Beacon Whiskey' in Beacon, NY. They have a vast variety of spirits that they make there. They have a great bourbon, a vodka and even craft cocktails that you can purchase only at the distillery.
  3. Taconic Distillery, Stanfordville, There are many things to try here, bourbon and rye, plus they occasionally have whiskey that has been aged in maple syrup barrels.
  4. Dutch’s Spirits at Harvest Homestead Farm Distilleries, Pine Plains. There is an amazing story about history of the property. The Sugar Wash Shine and their custom cocktails are what you definitely need to try.
  5. The Vale Fox Distillery, Milton. They are all about their gins and their single malt whiskey.
  6. Queen City Farm Distillery, Poughkeepsie. They currently make two different 'shines.' The newest distillery in the county.

Have you been to any of these distilleries? Is there something that we missed? What should we check out? Thanks!

Denning's Point Distillery

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