Aside from more updates on Beth's second week matching wits with a mouse residing inside her SUV, the Lite 98.7 morning show had another busy week covering odd body parts, various beefs and problems that come into play while driving in Central New York and beyond, and shirts causing an uproar at one of Beth's favorite retailers.

Here are Beth & Dave's Best Of bits from the week of January 22, 2018:

1. Target came under fire at the end of the week for some Super Bowl-themed t-shirts that were deemed to be sexist. Beth & Dave actually took the same side of this issue, as just another sidelight of the annual big football game/media event.

2. We've all had issues with our GPS device, maybe none as bad as the trio of adventurers who drove a borrowed Jeep into Lake Champlain as the result of some bad info from their Waze app. Beth & Dave had differing opinions on THAT story and had their OWN story to tell.

3. The Kinda Hard Question always produces great exchanges with listeners trying to nail the answer and the hosts of the show grappling with the truths its exposes in their own lives.

4. Actor Dax Shepard gets an assist, as during an appearance on The Ellen Show, he had an interesting comment about a body part, which triggered deep thoughts from Beth & Dave on the same topic.

5. Super Bowl LII and pie. After learning that Pizza Hut will give away free pizza if a certain Super Bowl record is broken, Beth insisted there was an easier way.


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