Jim Hasbrouck's "Fried Specialties" features some of the zaniest, and craziest deep fried treats that the Great New York State Fair has to offer.

Jim enjoys deep frying just about everything but the kitchen sink. Look for his "Specialties'" at the Fair like: Deep fried peanut butter and jelly, bacon-wrapped Snickers, pumpkin pie, Pop-Tarts and even bacon-wrapped Twinkies with Twix bars stuffed inside.

Syracuse.com's Lauren Long went behind the scenes with Jim to watch him fry.

One of Matt's favorite deep fried treat's is the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.

Matt Hubbell
Matt Hubbell

According to Syracuse.com:

Hasbrouck is also well known for his over-the-top monstrosities -- The Defibrillator (deep-fried burger and toppings between two grilled cheese sandwiches) and this year's debut item, The Harvester (a deep-fried Thanksgiving dinner).

"Fried Specialties" will have 3 food stands at the Fair, because everyone knows that 1 would hardly be enough to satisfy our salty and sultry sweet tooth.


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