Madison County officials announced today that Delphi Falls Park near Cazenovia will be closed until at least Monday, July 20th, due to visitors not following the park rules set in place.

The park rules include:

  1. Open year round from sunrise to sunset
  2. Carry in/carry out (in terms of food, drinks, garbage)
  3. Be respectful of others and their mutual enjoyment of the park
  4. Dogs must be leashed and waste must be cleaned up
  5. Fishing IS permitted
  6. No unauthorized building access
  7. No swimming permitted at any time
  8. No glass containers
  9. No hunting/trapping
  10. No artifacts/plants to be disturbed or removed
  11. No tobacco (tobacco free facility)
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According to officials, some visitors have been allegedly not following guidelines including climbing the falls, swimming, social distancing, leaving trash at the park, consuming alcohol and in some cases "treating others rudely when confronted about inappropriate behaviors."

“It is unfortunate that we need to take this step to close the park to the general public but until patrons show they can follow the rules and treat our park and neighbors with respect, we may have to continue to close the park including closing it for the rest of the summer,” said John M. Becker, Madison County Board of Supervisors Chairman. "The park has been open year round for everyone to enjoy the splendor of the falls. It is important that the park and neighbors are respected and that we honor the generous donation that was given to us. We hope that this temporary closure will help the public reflect on the beauty of the park and be responsible going forward..”

Delphi Falls Park opened to the public in August 2018. It contains two waterfalls, a house, a barn and surrounding woodland. It is located at 2006 Cardner Road, New Woodstock, NY.

I truly have a hard time hearing stories about places needing to close because people are having what seems to be a difficult time being respectful. It's something that we all should have learned as children - respect what we have access to before it's taken away from all of us forever.

Whoever you are, you're the reason we can't have nice things.

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