Demi Lovato celebrated the ‘X Factor‘ stop in Providence, R.I. by smashing Simon Cowell‘s face into a cake. How many ‘X Factor’ and ‘Idol‘ rejects wish they could get the same opportunity? [Twitter]

- Don’t mess with Rihanna‘s money! She is suing her former accountants for losing tens of millions of dollars from her touring. [The Boombox]

- If you can’t get enough of Carly Rae Jepsen‘s hit song ‘Call Me Maybe,’ you might just tire of it after listening to Dan Deacon’s cover in which he layers the song a mere 147 times. [Huffington Post]

- Not many people can say they have an action figure. Drake can sort of say he does now. The character he voices in ‘Ice Age 4,’ will be forever immortalized in plastic. [The Boombox]

- Ballin’! Zayn Malik of One Direction celebrated his band’s stardom by getting himself a second-hand Bentley for $62,000. [MTV UK]

Watch the Demi Lovato ‘Give Your Heart a Break’ Video

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