This fun juggling act with sticks is quite challenging, and extremely addictive!


Just Jen and I visited Franklyn's Field in Rome and we saw this guy doing this:

His name is Jonathon Sturdevan and we were really impressed with his skills. We asked him what he was doing and he explained that he was juggling "Bobo Sticks." Most people know them as "Devil Sticks," but he prefers to call them "Bobo." According to Wikipedia:

The manipulation of the devil stick (also devil-sticks, devilsticks, flower sticks, gravity sticks, or juggling sticks) is a form of gyroscopicjuggling or equilibristics, consisting of manipulating one stick ("baton") between one or two other sticks held one in each hand. The baton is lifted, struck, or stroked by the two control sticks ('handsticks' or 'sidesticks'), stabilising the baton through gyroscopic motion.[1]

Jonathon appeared to be a master juggler but he explained to us that he wasn't quite ready to take his show on the road. He will however be performing on Thanksgiving Day at the Rome Rescue Mission. He was also kind enough to gives us our very own set of Devil Sticks.

There's no denying that we definitely need some practice. However, I'm not one who gives up easily so my next juggling video will be way more polished; I'm hoping anyway.

Devil Sticks are relatively easy to make; all you really need are 3 wooden dowels, some electrical tape, a roll of streamers, and a rubber tube. CLICK HERE to make your own.

Just Jen and I talked about playing with Devil Sticks this morning.



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