If you mentioned 'Kan-Jam' to me six months ago, I would have no idea what you were talking about. But now, it seems like Kan-Jam is the summer activity that everyone's enjoying.


Kan-Jam Bucket and Frisbee
Naomi Lynn/TSM

Is Kan-Jam a New York thing? I had never heard of it before moving out here, and talking with friends back home - well, they've never heard of it either. Kan-Jam was invented in Western New York (Buffalo, actually). In 2005 the inventors got a patent for it, and were able to start selling the game all across the country, and all across the world.

Seeing as the inventors got a patent in 2005, I think maybe Michigan and other states just haven't caught on to the game yet. This is something I would definitely bring back to Michigan the next time I go. I mean - it's such a great game - everyone should be playing it. It's perfect for backyard get-togethers, camping, or whatever!


I got the chance to play Kan-Jam for the first time, just the other day. Now it was my first time playing so I wasn't really good at it, but I still had a lot of fun. I can't wait for all the warm weather this summer so I can get outside, and work on my Kan-Jam skills!




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