'Dexter' season 8 continues to draw mixed reviews with the airing of last night's antepenultimate episode "Goodbye Miami," so is there any hope the final two episodes of the series will deliver a fitting goodbye to our beloved Showtime serial killer? Judge for yourself with the latest trailer for the final two hours, and two new sneak peeks of next Sunday's "Monkey in a Box!"

Now that (spoiler alert!) Dr. Vogel is no more, Dexter's final showdown with Daniel (Darri Ingolfsson) will no doubt drive the remaining two hours, even as the blood spatter analyst looks to flee the country with Hannah and Harrison in tow. The trailer makes it appear as if escape might be a moot point, what with an impending hurricane and Hannah's imminent capture from the likes of Elway (Sean Patrick Flanery) and Cooper (Kenny Johnson), but will 'Dexter' have a happy ending regardless?

Meanwhile, Showtime has served up two sneak peeks of the series penultimate episode "Monkey in a Box," the first of which sees Dexter breaking the news of Vogel's death to Deb, who resolves to help capture Daniel her own way. The second sneak peek gets up close and personal with Daniel himself, as the "Brain Surgeon" offers Dexter the chance to be spared if he abandons his pursuit, but if Dexter wasn't smart enough to take the offer before, we doubt he'll give up now. And we were so close to sunny Argentina!

Preview the final hours of 'Dexter' in the trailer and clips above and below, and give us your predictions on the endgame in the comments!

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