Michael C. Hall Is in for a 'Dexter' Revival
The possibility of a Dexter revival has been whispered for some time, and it might be surprisingly easy to get star Michael C. Hall onboard. The erstwhile Bay Harbor Butcher says enough time has passed that he’s willing to return, and all it will take is a solid pitch.
'Penny Dreadful' Teaser: Eva Green Reveals Herself
Recently, Showtime afforded us an inside look at its new monster-mash series 'Penny Dreadful' by way of its title's explanation, though the insider preview neglected any of its main stars. That all changes as 'Penny Dreadful' now serves up its first look at pious attraction …
'Penny Dreadful' Reveals First Behind-the-Scenes Look
Given what we know of Showtime's forthcoming horror drama 'Penny Dreadful,' the first teaser of the series to debut with 'Dexter''s finale didn't exactly offer up very much to chew on. Now, with production on track for 2014, Showtime has stepped up to go behind the scenes of the Josh Hartnett-Eva Gr…

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